Angiostenosis of head and neck blood vessels

Angiostenosis of head and neck blood vessels

Carotid stenosis – is a disease which is accompanied by a narrowing of two major blood vessels providing blood flow to the brain. The development of this disease is caused by risk factors such as unhealthy lifestyle, high cholesterol , smoking , high blood pressure, diabetes . The reason for the restriction of carotid arteries in this disease is atheroma which is formed on the inner wall of the vessel due to the deposition of cholesterol and other fatty substances . In some cases this leads to complete blockage ( occluded ) artery and the development of the most severe complication - ischemic stroke.


Most often stenosis of the carotid arteries in the early stages does not appear by any distinct complaints. A person may not be aware of the presence of this disease as long as not survive transient ischemic attack or stroke . Transient ischemic attack is the same cerebrovascular accident, like a stroke, but it lasts less than one hour , and subsequently broken functions independently restored.

methods of treatment

  •  Endovascular stenting vessels of the head and neck carotid artery stenosis