Pathology Department

 Pathologic department center is located in a separate building Type Center and is equipped with modern equipment company «CARL ZEISS», which meets international standards.

    Department consists of two divisions : pathological laboratory (laboratory studies express biopsies immunolyuministsentnaya, histochemical and Cytomorphological laboratory) and the morgue.

    The priority direction of the Pathology Department is operationally in vivo studies of biopsy biomaterial at different structural levels (tissue, cellular, and biochemical). On the basis of the first offices in Kazakhstan introduced intraoperative pathologic study of CNS tumors express method. The main methods of research in the department are: macroscopic, histological (fluorescent, polarization and phase- contrast microscopy), histochemical, cytomorphological and microbiological.

    In laboratories performed histochemical studies such as the identification of glycogen , lipid , mucin , iron, melanin , copper, argyrophilic , elastic and collagen fibers. Research methodology implemented by the central nervous system fungal infections fluorescent , polarization and phase-contrast microscopy , identification of fungi by fluorescent antibody .

    The department provides the following types of studies and services:

    1) Pathological diagnosis of all types of pathological processes both traditional and express ( urgent ) methods , including diagnosis and differential / diagnosis difficult biopsies - malignant tumors of various organs , the study of the hepato - and nefrobiopsy , skin biopsies , testis , muscle, and bone . Investigation of bone reduced from 10 days to 1 day thanks to modern methods of decalcification .

Conclusion is given 1-3 days after receipt of biomaterial PAT c photographs of histological preparations . Conclusion express biopsy given 15-20 minutes after receipt of the biomaterial to the department.

    2) study of puncture Cytomorphological biomaterial using colors Romanovsky- Giemsa smears ;

    3) immunohistochemical analysis of tumors of the central nervous system;

    4) Conducting autopsy of dead bodies ;

    5) Funeral services.

    Head of Department - Zhetpisbayev Berik Barlybaevich physician pathologist highest category.