Radiology and functional diagnostic department

Full technical equipment in the Department of Radiology and professionalism allow doctors to perform high-quality diagnostic studies . Department of Radiology consists of offices MRI , CT , X-ray angiography and operating office.

    In its work, the doctors - radiologists based on the idea that the correct diagnosis can be obtained by careful selection of the most benign and , fastest and the most appropriate methods of examination for each patient. In our focus is always the patient .

    The office has repeatedly internships abroad, make scientific presentations at international conferences , are members of the Russian and international professional associations in beam diagnostics , authors of scientific publications.

    We offer the following studies :

  •      X-ray examinations
  •      Magnetic resonance imaging of the head and spine
  •      Magnetic resonance angiography
  •      Computed tomography and computed - tomography angiography of intracranial arteries

    Computed tomography is equipped with multisided computed tomography multisided company Siemens, Somatom Emotion, established in 2010, Magnetic resonance imaging in our clinic on a tomographic MAGNETOM Symphony1.5t ., Siemens ( Germany) .

    In our radiology department , we provide radiographic studies, including with the use of contrast media for digital fluoroscopic system iconos R- 200 , Siemens ( Germany) .

    Enroll in the study or for more information you can call us at 511-600 , 511-661

    Head of Department - Bayzhigitov Balgabaevich Bulat , MD , associate professor.

    In our center you can get a consultation with a doctor - a neurologist , including children . For this you need:

  •      Pre - book an appointment by phone at 511-600 , 511-661 , and you can leave it on-line application for admission to our site.

    Appointments from 8.00 - 19.00 , Monday - Sunday .

    Yessenbayev Yergali Tlektesovich - doctor - a neurologist , head of advisory - a diagnostic department .

    Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00