Physiotherapy and Balneotherapy Department

Physiotherapy Centre as an independent structure exists since May 2011. The department is equipped with all necessary equipment for rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Up to 70% of patients in the hospitall take rehabilitation in our department. Qualified physiotherapists in collaboration with specialists - rehabilitators pick required complex physical therapy tailored to the individual patient. 

Branch has offices electrotherapy, hydrotherapy swimming pool, massage, gym and physical therapy. 

Classrooms are equipped with modern electrotherapy equipment: microwave therapy "Radarmed", magneto "Magnitomed", low-frequency currents "Terapik", ultrasound therapy "Ultrasonic" and laser therapy machine "Lazeromed", which have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, resolving, wound-healing effects. 
Laser therapy apparatus is effective in the treatment of bedsores and postoperative wounds, has on the body bio-stimulating effect, improves trophic and tissue regeneration. In the department of physical therapy services are provided: 

  •  Magneto therapy 
  •  Laser therapy 
  •  Ultrasound Therapy 
  •  Microwave Therapy 
  •  Quantum therapy 
  •  UHF-therapy 
  •  Bubble bath 
  •  Underwater massage 
  •  Shower "Sharko" 
  •  Circular shower 
  •  Rising douche 
  •  Horizontal underwater spine traction 
  •  4-chamber bath electro galvanic 
  •  Bath with coniferous concentrate 
  •  Bath with shunpike 
  •  Jet - contrast bath 
Thermotherapy-mineral wax 
Medical massage 
Functions massage rooms, equipped with modern massage couch with electric height adjustment. Gym is equipped with devices for rehabilitation: Universal bicycle ergometer, treadmill with programmable control system simulators for the lower extremities. 
In the department of physiotherapy and fangotherapy used combined therapy to treat a wide range of diseases, which helps to speed up recovery of the patient, providing a preventive effect on the entire body. 
Rehabilitation technologies used to treat: 
  • recovering from spinal surgery, including the surgical treatment of intervertebral hernias 
  • Conservative treatment of various diseases of the spine, including intervertebral hernia 
  • treat the effects of traumatic brain and spinal cord 
  • treatment of diseases of the nervous system, 
  • restoration of movements in the limbs after acute stroke 
  • development of joints after surgeries and injuries 
  • rehabilitation after surgery on the brain 
  • vascular treatments 
  • treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system 
  • treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system 

Modern and individual approach to each patient allows obtaining good results even in outpatient complex health-care procedures. Health-care line in the department includes: 
  • Selection of an individual rehabilitation program with regard to the stage of the disease and your physical condition 
  • Rapid rehabilitation by a combination of physical therapy and physical therapy. 
Head of the department - Kairzhanova Farizat Aydarhanovna