Department of express laboratory

Since July 2011, the Centre started functioning specialized department for rapid laboratory. In the structure of rapid laboratory has the following clinical divisions of diagnostic profile: 

  •  Department of Biochemistry 
  •  Clinical department 
  •  Department of hemostasis 
  •  Department of Hematology 
    The main focus of the department is persistent execution of urgent resuscitation analyzes, operational, and patient-centered, in need of urgent laboratory examination. 
    Laboratory Center is equipped with all necessary reagents and equipment for the implementation of clinical, hematologic, coagulation assays of biological material of the patient. All studies were performed on the most modern equipment, use only high quality reagents that meet international standards. 
Studies performed in rapid laboratory, varied: 
  •  determination of electrolytes (Na, K, Cl, P, Ca, Mg, Fe) in serum and urine; 
  •  Acid-base status on 11 indicators; 
  •  General clinical blood by 25 indicators (including leukocyte count formulas and definitions of reticulocytes); 
  •  Biochemical blood and urine tests on the 27 indicators (metabolites, enzymes); 
  •  Osmolality, blood serum and urine. 

    At the laboratory work laboratory doctors and technicians with the highest, the first and second categories, owning all of the latest research techniques analyzers, such as biochemical Cobas Integra 400, gas analyzer Cobas b 121 Omni C, electrolyte analyzer AVL9180, coagulometer Start 4, hematology analyzer CellDyn 1800, cryoscopic osmometer Osmomat 030 corresponding to the international standards. 
Head of the department - Atkenova Raushan Kabylbekovna, Laboratory doctor of the highest category.