Department of Transfusion Medicine

The Department of Transfusion Medicine provides banking, processing, storage, and issue of donor blood components. The Department offers the following services:

  1.  determiningblood group and Rh affinity, and antibody screening. Reliable diagnosis of blood group and Rh affinity, detection of antibodies is needed for timely decision-making in critical situations and will preserve the health and life of the patient.
  2.  determiningABOand Rh factor compatibility using monoclonal reagents and method of microtyping gel serology. Test for individual compatibility ensures that erythrocytes of the donor are compatible with biological characteristics of blood of the recipient.
  3.  intra-operative apparatus reinfusion of red blood cells. Bloodsaving technology is a modern, highly effective and safe method for returning of own red blood cells lost during blood loss.

The Blood Cabinet is equipped with modern facilities: a system of microtyping gel serology DiaMed, AngelatoniIndustriespecialized refrigerators, CytoTherm - DRplazma defroster, CATS plus Freseniusapparatus for autohemotransfusion.

On the basis of the Department the use of fibrin glue in the endoscopic transnasaltranssphenoidal surgery for hemostasis and sealing of the base of the skull, the use of intraoperative apparatus reinfusion of red blood cells as a method of bloodsaving, the use microtyping gel technology as a method of serology for determination of blood group, Rh antibody screening and compatibility tests areintroduced in neurosurgical practicefor the first time.

The Department staff carries out:

  •  control over the organization of transfusion therapy in the medical departments of the Centre,
  •  daily macroscopic control of the bloodand its components stored at the unit, and determination of their fit for use,
  •  control over the accuracy of accounting of indicationsof transfusion materialswhen given bythe treating physician,
  •  analysis of the status and effectiveness of transfusion therapy.

Twice a year the Department of Transfusion Medicine organizes such events as‘Donor Day’, ‘Present Hope of Life’ with the participation of the staff of the Centre. The propaganda work is carried out among the relatives, friends and patients to engage them in the ranks of donors.

The Head of the department isKuanyshevYerbolNagashpaevich, transfusiologist.