Department of Surgery

In total, the operating unit has 6 operating rooms. They are designed for open and minimally invasive interventions, the 6th room isangiographic operating room equipped with the powerful angiography of the latest generation Siemens - to perform minimally invasive endovascular therapy for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases of the brain and other central nervous system diseases.

The operating unit is equipped with all necessary surgical and diagnostic equipment of the latest generation,modern multifunctional operating tables, ceiling anesthetic and surgical consoles. All operating rooms have modern neurosurgical operating microscopes Zeiss and Leica having ability to determine blood flow through the vessels at the time of surgery and to identify tumors that are not visible in normal light spectrum. Soering ultrasonic destructors, Aesculappower units and supplies, Storz and Erbecoagulation systems, KLS Martinmedical laser, Radionixframeless navigation stations, Storz and Aesculapendoscopic equipment, Siemens C-bars with 3D- simulation can perform the full range of neurosurgical procedures in pathology of central and peripheral nervous system, spinal diseases, neurological diseases requiring surgical intervention. Used during operations Nicolet stationsmonitoring the activities of the brain and spinal cord as well as peripheral nervous systems minimizes or eliminates extra trauma of functionally important structures of the central nervous system, which improves the results of surgical treatment and can improve the quality of life of patients in the postoperative period.

A special ventilation system is a key element of prevention of nosocomial septic diseases. Directed laminar air flow prevents the penetrationof air currentsinto the operating room from adjacent rooms. These operating rooms relate to the premises of the highest category of purity by the adopted scale of cleanrooms. Due to strict zoning to ‘sterile’ and ‘non-sterile’ parts there is no danger of penetration of non-sterile objects into the operating rooms. Each operating room is a fully isolated system of premises and air-duct with built-in filter units and decontaminating agents.

The equipment of the operating rooms with the complex of modern medical equipment ensuresthe conduct of surgical operations of any complexity. The combination of modern features to ensure the sterility of the operating unit with the use of the full range of tools and equipment of the latest generation improves the quality of surgical care, reduces the risk of complications , shortens the patient's stay in hospital and, as a consequence, improves the quality of life of the patient in the postoperative period. In the Department of surgery about 2,500 neurosurgical operations a year are conducted.

All employees of our operating unit are a team whose aim is to provide all types of neurosurgical procedures. All people involved in operations – surgeons, surgical nurses, anesthesiologists, and nurses – form the integrated whole, a complex organized mechanism untiedby love for their profession and a common aim– to do everything they can to help our patients.

The Head of the Departmentis Sagimbayev Askar Alimzhanovich, anesthesiologist, resuscitator, doctor of medical sciences.