Clinical bacteriological laboratory

Clinical - bacteriological laboratory - a modern laboratory equipped with the latest equipment. All studies conducted by specialists with higher and secondary medical education, having a certificate and a long experience in bacteriological diagnosis. 
    Clinic - bacteriological laboratory instrument used BacT / Alert 3D (France) - an automated blood culture system with continuous monitoring, which allows diagnosis of bacteremia at the present level. This system automatically detects the presence of microbial growth by feeding the signals to inform the operator of the occurrence of growth of microorganisms in a culture system for incubation. In addition, the devices allow the removal of intravascular catheter without supply or reject the diagnosis of catheter- related infections. Modern analyzer blood cultures significantly increases the efficiency of microbiological studies of blood and other normally sterile body fluids - peritoneal, synovial, pleural, cerebrospinal , allowing analysis of 120 bottles at a time. 
    The laboratory conducts practical work on the identification and antibiotic susceptibility nosocomial infections in patients, studies on intestinal symbiosis, carries sanitary control operating and other premises of the Centre , as well as the equipment used and the air . 
    Head of the department - Kozhakova Kulziya Kabdulovna , bacteriologist highest category.