Department of General Neurosurgery

At the Department of General Neurosurgery we provide a wide range of specialized and highly specialized neurosurgical services for a fee. Neurosurgery and rehabilitation treatment for a fee is different in quick hospitalization and an individual approach to treatment. The Department of General Neurosurgery is located in a separate unit and incorporates comfortable single and double rooms.

We treat:

  •  brain tumor
  •  disk herniation
  •  spondylolisthesis
  •  functional instability of the spine
  •  spinal stenosis of different levels
  •  hydrocephalus, brain cysts
  •  brain aneurysm
  •  occlusion of the arteries of the brain (in extra- and intracranial divisions)
  •  stenosis of blood vessels of the head and neck
  •  arteriovenous vascular malformations of the brain and spinal cord
  •  extra and intramedullary spinal cord tumor
  •  cranial nerves neuralgia, spinal facet nerves
  •  effects of the stroke, brain injury, spinal cord
  •  diseases of the peripheral nervous system


Opportunities of the Department

The Department of General Neurosurgery deals with surgical treatment of patients with diseases and injuries of the central nervous system using the most modern methods of treatment:

  •  aneurysm clipping
  •  endovascular treatment of cerebral aneurysms ;
  •  microsurgical resection of vascular anomalies (arteriovenous malformations , arteriovenous fistulas);
  •  endovascular embolization of vascular lesions (arteriovenous malformations , arteriovenous fistulas) using adhesive components;
  •  endovascular stenting of vessels of the head and neck;
  •  decompressive-stabilizing operations with the use of pedicle designs, interbody cages and other implants;
  •  subcutaneous transpedicular fixation in the pathology of the spine and spinal cord;
  •  subcutaneous vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty;
  •  endoscopic removal of disc herniation of the lumbar spine;
  •  microsurgical removal of herniated spine;
  •  laser vaporization of degenerative lesions of the cervical, lumbar spine;
  •  dynamic stabilization of the spine (interspinous implants);
  •  microsurgical removal of brain tumors using intra-operative navigation system;
  •  microsurgical removal of awkward skull base tumors using combined thansnasal access and intraoperative neuromonitoring, endoscopic assistance;
  •  endoscopic transnasal transsphenoidal removal of brain tumors using intraoperative neuronavigation system;
  •  implantation of shunt systems in hydrocephalus of various etiologies ;
  •  endoscopic ventriculocisternostomy in hydrocephalus of different etiologies.

 Facilities of the Department

The Department has its own operating room. During the surgery we use modern methods using all medical and diagnostic equipment:

  •  Karl Stortz endoscopic video systems;
  •  Carl Zeiss Vario S88 operating microscope;
  •  system of monitoring of biomechanical features of the brain and intracranial pressure;
  •  laser and ultrasonic disintegrator;
  •  microsurgical equipment and tools;
  •  frame stereotactic system;
  •  catheters and devices for endovascular operations;
  •  spinal fluid drainage system;
  •  Medtronic Stealth frameless neuronavigation station,
  •  system of rigid and semi-rigid (children's) fixing of the skull,
  •  intraoperative neurophysiological station
  •  station of autotransfusion,
  •  modern angiographic unit which allows the study of the brain and spinal cord and endovascular surgery;
  •  nerve stimulators.

Each room has all the facilities for a comfortable stay of patients - a built-in furniture, refrigerator, TV, private bathroom, shower room. The wards are equipped with comfortable adjustable beds with anatomic mattresses Merivaara (Finland). All rooms are equipped with the console to supply medical gases, has local coverage and medical personnel call buttons. Our patients receive 4 times meals, if desired it is possible to receive personalized menu à la carte.

The Department employs highly qualified professionals trained in the best clinics in neighbouring countries and beyond. In the course of your treatment our trained nurses and junior medical staff will be at your service. We also have the ability and experience of inviting the world's leading neurosurgeons.

Personal and friendly approach and willingness to help are the calling card of our medical staff. Our medical staff will try to make every effort to ensure that the patient's stay and treatment for him be as pleasant as possible.

For admission to our Department you need a consultation of a neurosurgeon at the Clinic of the Center of Neurosurgery contacting us at 511 600, 511 633, or writing on email:

The Head of the Department is S.D. Caribai, neurosurgeon of highest category.