Massage - an important factor in treatment of pre-and postoperative rehabilitation of the patient. Neuron- reflex massage mechanism contributes to a significant stimulation of numerous nerve receptors to the general response of the organism in the form of strengthening metabolism and tissue respiration , activation of biologically active substances , improving circulation . Mechanical factor massage eliminates congestion by stretching and displacement of tissues, movement of all body fluids ( blood, lymph, interstitial fluid ) .

     Massage therapy helps to rehabilitate patients after injuries , fractures, diseases of the musculoskeletal system , with limited joint mobility.

     A course of treatment in most diseases 10-12 procedures prescribed massage carried out daily or every other day . Duration of procedure local massage - 8-20 minutes total - 45 min . Interval between repeated courses is determined individually .

Rehabilitation after diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

     The degree of influence of massage on recovery of the body depends on the disease . Thus, in the process of rehabilitation after injuries musculoskeletal massage treatments allow activating muscle contractions , improve trofiku tissues , which leads to a faster recovery of motor functions . By affecting the peripheral nerves are shot painful traumatized areas .

Observed improved blood flow to the massaged area , which stimulates the flow of metabolic processes. It avoids atrophy massage joints, and if it is not prevented during treatment , the course of rehabilitation , it fizzles . Since the damage and injuries of the musculoskeletal system are often accompanied by edema, infiltration and bleeding , they must be sucked up as quickly as possible . In this case, massage will be most welcome.

Rehabilitation after stroke.

     When stroke rehabilitation massage aims to improve the mobility of joints , spine , increasing the elastic properties of muscles and tendons . In addition, massage helps to strengthen the nervous system : the proper technique nerve impulses from receptors musculoskeletal enter the brain, stimulating the functioning of its bark . In our Center, perform the following types of massage:

  •  classic ;
  •  point ;
  •  sharikoterapiya ;
  •  segmental- reflex ;
  •  periosteal ;
  •  connective tissue ;
  •  Aromatherapy ;
  •  aqua - massage ;
  •  whirlpool ;
  •  honey ;
  •  cellulite .