Depending on the shape of underlying pathology sessions and related diseases can be sent using the following procedures:

  • Use as classical acupuncture and Su- Jok Application

  • elektroaupunktury - this method of influence on acupuncture points of electric shock for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Said exposure can be performed through the acupuncture needle or using small electrodes applied on the skin at the location of points.

  • Moxibustion . The essence of the method of application of heat to the point, to provoke a reaction.

  • Precision injection drugs - is the introduction of liquid medicines to acupuncture points for therapeutic purposes .

  • Jar therapy with the same therapeutic purposes . Perhaps massage and banks to enhance lymphatic drainage .

  • Moreover, given the chronic diseases with seasonal exacerbations in our center uses a multilevel hierarchical system of energy healing methods time for acupuncture .