Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is the therapeutic use of various types of magnetic component of alternating electromagnetic field of low frequency. When using common techniques of influence increases the body's resistance to adverse factors , expanding its adaptive capabilities , normal activity of internal organs.

This method is comfortable and brings tangible positive effect is not addictive and has no side effects. Very often, this method is able to adequately replace various medications . It is important that this technique can be used by people of any age, it is easy to carry even debilitated patients . Magnetic therapy is the only type of physical therapy that can be used even during the acute form of the disease and in severe pain . It is used to resorption of hematomas and relieve inflammation . The main purpose of magnetic therapy can be called a struggle with painful sensations , particularly with chronic pain .

    In humans, the magnetic field leads to changes such biologically active substances as enzymes , proteins and nucleic acids. They also have an effect on free radicals.

Indications for medical application of magnetic fields :

1. Diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system: spinal injuries , spinal cord ; violation of the spinal circulation; transient ischemic attacks ; ischemic cerebral strokes ; osteochondrosis ; neuritis, polyneuropathy of different origin ; neuralgia ; neurosis, neurasthenia ; ganglionity , causalgia , phantom pain ; paralysis, paresis , vegetative-vascular dystonia .

2 . Peripheral vascular disease : atherosclerosis I-II-III stage; occlusive disease I-II-III stage; Thromboangiitis ; state after aorto -femoral bypass.

3 . Diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system : deforming osteoarthritis (I-III stage of exacerbation and remission) ; infectious- toxic arthritis , polyarthritis various etiologies ; bursitis, epicondylitis , periarthritis ; hypoporosis , including the metallosinteze , the presence of the cast or the Ilizarov apparatus ; bruises, sprains bags and ligaments, sprains .

4 . After surgery ( for speedy healing and postoperative scar formation tender ).