Ultra-sound investigation, Electroencephalography (EEG)

Digital X-ray

    X-ray to date is one of the leading and affordable methods of diagnosis of diseases in the early stages of development. In our clinic, x-ray - studies are conducted in a variety of fields - from studies of the skull , spine and abdomen to study limb . When performing these procedures the patient may be in the supine , sitting or standing position .

    X-ray room is equipped with a universal X-ray diagnostic installation SIEMENS ICONOS 200 having fully automatic sighting device with an extensive program of Segmented and a large area of horizontal movement with integrated management sighting device on the move . This unit can perform X-rays through the image intensifier and TV radiolineynuyu line ( study of the gastrointestinal ) tract radiography cassette , allowing to explore the musculoskeletal system , the spine , the organs of the chest, abdomen, contrast studies of the urinary tract .

    Doctor Sarbasov Kayyrgali Kurmangalievich - doctor beam diagnostics radiology department. Admission to a queue from 09.00 - 16.00, Monday - Friday.

    Electroencephalography (EEG)

    EEG is a noninvasive method for the analysis of the functional state of the brain by recording its bioelectric activity . This study is necessary for the diagnosis of various neurological diseases such as epilepsy , encephalopathy various kinds of volume of brain lesions , as well as to address the functional maturation of cortical structures . In our center we use 19 -channel device company «Nihon Kohden», Japan .

    The procedure is painless and harmless. Scalp and hair must be clean. Research is conducted in a calm, relaxed state , while "passive wakefulness " or sleeping (in children if indicated) . During the procedure, the specialist can ask the patient to hyperventilate for about 1-3 minutes , serves light flashes . Usually the procedure takes about an hour , the data is recorded on a computer for further analysis.

    Doctor Shukurbaeva Gulmira Tleuleevna - doctor in neurology first category, doctor of functional diagnostics advisory - diagnostic department . Studies are conducted Monday - Friday from 09.00-16.00 by appointment by calling 511-600 , 511-661 .


    Currently, ultrasound is considered one of the most informative diagnostic methods , which allows us to identify the disease at early stages of development, the diagnosis with unclear clinical picture. Here you can go through the following types of ultrasound :

  •     complex ultrasound of the abdomen ;
  •     Thyroid gland ;
  •     Ultrasound of the breast ;
  •     Ultrasound of the kidneys ;
  •     Pelvic ultrasound (bladder , prostate ) .

    Doctor Kerimbaeva Sanaa Elemesovna - doctor of ultrasonic diagnostics . Reception Monday - Friday 09.00-16.00 in a queue .

    Electrocardiography performed on electrocardiograph Nihon Kohden. ECG - the easiest and most affordable method for detecting disorders of the heart . Abnormal heart rhythm , beats, atrial flutter , paroxysmal tachycardia , atrial fibrillation is not all groups of heart disease , which can be recognized by electrocardiography .

    With the ECG is time to recognize eating disorders of the heart muscle . Often referred to as a violation of ischemia , which leads to myocardial infarction . In the results of the ECG data is displayed to change the size of the heart , the impulse conduction disorders , as well as other diseases.

    Admission to a queue , with 09.00-16.00 hours , Monday - Friday .

    Echocardiography performed on modern ultrasound machine . This technique allows not only to see the heart in real time , but also to assess regional and global left ventricular function , calculate the size of the heart , blood flow velocity and pressure gradient in the great vessels and heart cavities with computer data processing . The study is used to assess the state of the myocardium and the valvular apparatus in various diseases of the heart.

    Doctor Muhanov Kayyrzhan Toltaevich

    Admission to a queue , 14.00-16.00 hours , Monday - Friday .

    Duplex scanning - ultrasound examination of arteries and veins that is performed on the scanner Logiq 5 Expert ( company «General Electric). A study of the arteries and veins, the brachiocephalic arteries , upper and lower extremities , the abdominal aorta and renal arteries. This method allows not only lotsirovat but reliably visualize vessels : their walls , clearances , intraluminal contents ( including atherosclerotic plaque sizes and , thrombi , etc.) , as well as tissue surrounding the vessel .

    Doctor Muhanov Kayyrzhan Toltaevich

    Admission to a queue , 14.00-16.00 hours , Monday - Friday .

    Spirography carried out on the unit Super Spiro ( firm Micro Medical Ltd). The technique is used to determine the function of external respiration . While fixed bronchial patency of different caliber ( large, medium and small ) , recorded their degree of obstruction. In order to diagnose the reversibility of bronchial obstruction and selection of treatment tests conducted bronchodilators . Indirectly estimated airy lung tissue at various lung diseases .

    Doctor Muhanov Kayyrzhan Toltaevich

    Admission to a queue , 14.00-16.00 hours , Monday - Friday .

    Electromyography (EMG ) - a set of methods for assessing the functional state of the neuro - muscular system, based on registration and qualitative - quantitative analysis of various types of electrical activity of nerves and muscles.

    The main objectives of the EMG as a method of functional diagnostics are:

    1. Identify the level of destruction of neuro - muscular system .

    2 . Defining topics defeat and distribution process .

    3 . Determining the nature of the lesion.

    4 . Determining the degree of severity of the pathological process.

    In the study of functional diagnostics for electromyography used electromyograph EMG MEB-9400K company Nihon Kohden.

    Doctor Abzhanova Alfiya Ermekovna . Research is conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by appointment by calling 511-600 , 511-661 .