Computed tomography

Computed tomography performed in our center on multislice CT SOMATOM EMOTION 6 firm Siemens, which provides high quality images with minimal radiation exposure to the patient.

Indications for CT - studies are disease :

  •     Spine
  •     Spinal Cord
  •     chest
  •     Coeliac , gastrointestinal tract
  •     pelvic
  •     Lung
  •     Acute ischemic to clarify the nature and size of hearth cerebral infarction ( ischemic or hemorrhagic )
  •     Traumatic brain injury of moderate and severe
  •     Brain tumors ( primary and metastatic ) , including after surgery and radiation therapy to avoid relapse and other bodies
  •     Acute inflammatory disease (abscess , encephalitis ), etc.

In our center , the following studies on CT :

  •     CT of the skull and brain
  •     CT of the paranasal sinuses
  •     Chest CT
  •     Abdominal CT
  •     CT of the pancreas
  •     CT of the kidneys
  •     CT of the adrenal glands
  •     pelvic CT
  •     CT of the intervertebral discs
  •     CT of the bones and joints
  •     research vessels - CT angiography .

Contraindications to CT are:

  •     pregnancy
  •     intolerance to iodinated contrast agents , if required intravenous contrast

Metal objects such as metal such as jewelry, sunglasses and hairpins, which can create interference and problems with the interpretation of results must be removed at the time of the study .

    The patient is asked to sit on the movable table of a computer tomograph , often lying on his back . Depending on the planned research program may conduct procedures on the stomach or lying on your side . CT of the procedure itself is completely painless.

    CT cabinet works with 9.00-16.00 Monday-Friday .

Added to conduct CT is done by telephone :

    +7 (7172) 511-600 , ext . 13-64 , 13-24 ; 511-661 .

    Research conducted by highly neuroradiology , trained in leading foreign clinics with extensive practical experience . Research results are presented in the form of protocols and on CD- ROM within 24 hours after the study.


    Rgebaev Rinat Bakytbekovich - doctor beam diagnostics radiology department .