Department of training

The Department of Training of JSC ‘RSCN’has operated since August, 2008. The Department organizes and coordinates the preparation of modern, highly qualified and competitive human resources in the system of healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Department of Trainting constantly works on instructional documentation, aimed at their update in line with the rapid development of new medical technologies and scientific achievements. Much attention is paid to training new and complex methods of diagnosis and surgical treatment of patients, mastering modern equipment and tools, knowledge in the latest medical advances. There are introduced systems of computerized control and training, training facilities, are used themed films, live video broadcasting of neurosurgical operations in operational units. Training is focused on the acquisition of practical skills in the classroom and during practical training. Master classes with leading experts from neighbouring countries and beyond are organized by the Deaprtment.

Quality of acquisition of practical skills is systematically monitored at all stages of training, after completing courses certificates of national standard are given.

Head of the Department –candidate of medical sciences, associate professorAkshulakova Bayan Tuleuovna.

For all questions, please contact us: 8 (7172) 49-76-45 , 51-17-43 (fax).