Pregnant woman had a surgical removal of giant brain tumor at the National Center for Neurosurgery

Friday,  17  Июль  2020

Gigantic brain tumor removed from pregnant woman at Neurosurgery Center

      Doctors at the National Center for Neurosurgery removed a giant brain tumor during 27 weeks pregnancy. The patient was taken to the city of Nur-Sultan from the Zhambyl region by air ambulance.
       A few months ago, a woman applied to doctors at her place of residence with complaints of persistent headaches, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms were regarded more as a manifestation of toxicosis in a pregnant woman, as a result of which the woman was prescribed drug treatment.
      Soon, the patient's health deteriorated. As a result, an MRI scan of the brain was performed, where signs of a huge neoplasm were revealed. Doctors diagnosed the pregnant woman with a giant neuroma of the auditory nerve on the left.
      For the purpose of further treatment and follow-up, the patient was hospitalized at the Hospital of Zhambyl region. A consultation was held with the doctors of the National Center for Neurosurgery, headed by the Medical director of Center Dr. Talgat Pazylbekov and Head of the Department of central nervous system pathology Dr. Nurzhan Ryskeldiyev, during which the specialists discussed the further tactics of treating the pregnant woman. Considering the patient's grave condition and the high risk of further complications, the doctors decided to urgently hospitalize the woman for surgical treatment to the Neurosurgery Center by the air ambulance .
    The pregnant woman underwent an emergency surgery for microsurgical removal of the cerebellopontine angle tumor using neuromonitoring.
    During the surgery, a multidisciplinary team of doctors worked, which included the most experienced doctors, anesthesiologists, neurophysiologists, transfusiologists, who monitored throughout the surgery. Also, the surgery was carried out under the control of fetal CTG in order to constantly conduct a functional assessment of the state of the fetus and its heartbeat. The specialists of the National Scientific Center for Motherhood and Childhood rendered great assistance in this.
     The surgery was performed by Head of the central nervous system pathology department, professor N. Ryskeldiyev, neurosurgeon Dr. A. Kurmanakhunov and neurosurgeon Dr. N. Sygay.
     The Surgery lasted about 4 hours and was successful. Today the expectant mother feels well, she was transferred to the ward. Severe headaches and dizziness disappeared, all functional and motor abilities were preserved. According to experts, it was possible to save the patient's life thanks to the timely operation. Now the life of mother and baby is not in danger. Despite the complex surgery, the woman continues to bear the child, which, as the doctors note, is in good condition and continues to develop.

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