Specialists of the Center were awarded on the Constitution Day

Friday,  28  Август  2020

Employees of the National Center for Neurosurgery were awarded the jubilee medal "Qazaqstan Constitutiasina 25 zhyl"

   Today, on the eve of the celebration of the state holiday - Constitution Day, a solemn awarding ceremony for the employees of the Center took place.
    In a solemn atmosphere, Head of the internal audit service Natalya Makasheva, Head of the sanitary and epidemiological control sector Zharas Abilkhadirov and Head of the Judicial support department Bayan Nurkanova were awarded the medal "Qazaqstan Constitutiasina 25 zhyl".
    Prof. Serik Akshulakov, CEO, congratulated the audience on the holiday and noted that the Constitution is the basis of our statehood, the embodiment of the will, rights and freedoms of Kazakhstani people and all the achievements over the years of independence were implemented within the framework of the Basic Law of the country. And also congratulated colleagues on well-deserved awards and wished them good health, peace, success and new achievements!
    Happy upcoming holiday, dear colleagues! On this important holiday for the country and citizens, we wish everyone well-being, family happiness, good luck and faith in the bright future of our country!

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