Awake brain surgery

Wednesday,  2  Сентябрь  2020

Another awake surgery for a brain tumor was performed in the National Center for Neurosurgery

In March 2020, Yerkinbek Bashkeyev began to worry about dizziness and recurrent headaches. As it turned out, these were the first signs of a brain tumor. But at that time, as the man admits, he did not pay attention, referring to a possible decrease in hemoglobin. However, the man soon had a seizure with loss of consciousness. After that, the man underwent a brain diagnosis. MRI examination showed signs of intracerebral formation in the convexital part of the left frontal lobe, with a zone of perifocal edema, with the presence of 2 small similar foci in the right occipital and left temporal lobes.
    Neurosurgeons of the National Center for Neurosurgery discussed the case of Yerkinbek Bashkeyev at a large council. The council took into account the patient's complaints, medical history and neurostatus of the patient, as well as the size of the tumor located in the left parietal lobe and its proximity to the motor zone. The patient's concomitant diseases were also taken into account - c-r of the right lung, complicated by segmental atelectasis of the S8-segment, with signs of necrosis. In addition, the patient suffered from coronavirus pneumonia two months before hospitalization. These factors carried a high risk of tumor bleeding when using a ventilator. Thus, the doctors decided to perform an operation to remove the tumor of the parietal lobe while the patient is awake but sedated.
    According to the Head of the Department of CNS pathology, professor Nurzhan Ryskeldiyev, doctors do not decide on awake surgeries so often, but there are several cases every year. Only rare cases because of medical reasons and after careful preparation, to which a large multidisciplinary team is connected... After all, the operation is not an easy one, requiring not only jewelry precision from a neurosurgeon, but also the highest professionalism of anesthesiologists and neurophysiologists throughout the operation.
     During the operation, the doctors talked to the patient, asked questions, monitored the preservation of motor function, and simultaneously removed a tumor. In turn, patient Bashkeyev also helped the doctors: he answered the doctors' questions, moved his arms and legs to check if the intervention affected the ability to control motor functions. Craniotomy in the left parietal region - microsurgical total tumor removal lasted about two hours and was successful. The patient feels well and prepares for discharge.
   “I am very glad that everything turned out well for me, despite such a complicated surgery, the doctors removed the tumor completely. I am glad that I came to this clinic with professionals in their field. My relatives ask me if I was scared during the surgery. But in fact, I was calm, I had no fear, but on the contrary I was glad that I was in the hands of professionals and that they would help me here. At home my beloved family, wife and four children are waiting for me. Many thanks to the doctors and staff of the Neurosurgery Center".
   The operation was carried out by a team of the best specialists of the National Center for Neurosurgery, namely: Head of the Department of pathology of the central nervous system, professor of the Center Dr.Nurzhan Ryskeldiyev, professor of the Center Dr. Aidos Doskaliyev, neurosurgeon Dr. Nurzat Sygai, anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the highest qualification category Dr. Raushan Tokshekenova, anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the highest qualification category Dr. Natalya Zudilina.

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