Doctoring is destiny

monday,  24  Октябрь  2016

Development of modern innovation technologies has allowed to expand considerably possibilities of neurosurgery and to improve results of treatment of patients which were considered as the inoperable earlier. The manager of department of the National center of neurosurgery, the doctor of medical sciences, the winner of the State award the Republic of Kazakhstan Talgat Kerimbayev is confident in it. The name of this neurosurgeon as innovator in medicine takes worthy place in the list of the leading professors of Kazakhstan for a long time. And after all neurosurgery – the relatively young industry of medicine in which practically every 100-th operation is done in our country for the first time.
– Of course, everything has changed with opening of the National center of neurosurgery in Astana, – T. Kerimbayev tells. – One equipment of that costs. For neurosurgery where occasionally all operation is from beginning to end performed under operative microscope and neuromonitoring, you see, it has paramount value.
According to the interlocutor, creation of medical holding in itself in Astana has put country medicine on qualitatively new level. Thanks to such break by much of patients the most difficult neurosurgical operations with use of modern low-invasive technologies are already performed. Other question that at us is often observed tendency when patients too late address to doctors. Circulation on sorcerers, as a rule, turns into deplorable results.
– Within exchange of experience to us there come the leading foreign experts, and for them happens in wonder to see the tumors of the big sizes which have expanded to ten vertebrae – T. Kerimbayev shares. – For our doctors carrying out similar operations became quite usual thing.
And it speaks, most likely, that, Talgat Tynyshbayevich says that doctors have no moral right to refuse to the patient and even if its chances are small, the doctor is obliged to make everything that on it for this moment depends. A lot of things depend occasionally. So, for example, it happened to one of patients of NCN who moved 20 years only on wheelchair.
– It had inborn tumor of spinal cord, thoracolumbar department of backbone, total absence of movements in the lower extremities, problems with functions of pelvic bodies, – T. Kerimbayev remembers. – It was its last chance, and we used it. In month after operation the patient could go by means of walkers! Even doctors with wide experience and length of service called then her recovery miracle.
Has brought not smaller pleasure and pride of domestic neurosurgery to doctors of NCN and recovery of other patient who has got spine injury. As a result of accident the spinal cord at the girl has been injured, the patient did not feel feet. But also it as it has appeared, was quite reparable. Through two-three of months she has come to clinic with cane in hands personally to thank saviors.
… Remembering stories from the practice, Talgat Kerimbayev involuntarily smiles. Before eyes there pass thousands of grateful patients who became integral part of his life. And it is understood and accept his spouse Sang Eliemiecuovna, too, by the way, the ultrasonographer of NCN, children – Ilyas and Diana.
The family has got used to that all life of their spouse, the father – continuous medicine. And it is not important about what there is a speech, about the specific patient or about some disease, about younger generation of professionals or about the new ideas capable to facilitate work of neurosurgeons. They are always ready to listen to the head of the family, recognizing that medicine really its elements, love and destiny.
By the way, about scientific practices of Talgat Tynyshbayevich who has become in due time the author of two monographs, hundreds of scientific works and the owner of nine patents for inventions, people know much. In department 15 technologies offered them are implemented. Among them – spinal endoscopy, low-invasive surgery at hernias of disk and their prosthetics, intramedullary tumors, fixing of cervicooccipital area, technique on total replacement of the struck segments of backbone and others.
Thus some more different scientific projects under the leadership of T. Kerimbayev are in parallel carried out. One of them – creation of new gel on the basis of cell technologies which can be entered into spinal cord to regenerate it at damages. This method is developed together with the National center of biotechnologies, so far at the experimental level, but already there are first positive takes.
No wonder that load at work practically does not leave to the neurosurgeon of free time. But even at such saturated schedule it and doctors of department try not to skip classes in gym. They say that the chairman of the board of NCN Serik Akshulakov who has literally decided destiny of our interlocutor became example for them. In due time it has directed Talgat Tynyshbayevich on novel tracks of neurosurgery.
And S. Akshulakov has noticed the young neurosurgeon during its work in clinical internship in Almaty. Also has insisted then that the promising specialist has come to postgraduate study and has continued to work in this direction of neurosurgery. Further there were work on the doctoral dissertation, improvement of professional skills during training in Israel, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. During this time T. Kerimbayev by right has been awarded breastplates " Денсаулық сақтау ісіне қосқан үлесі үшін " and "For contribution to science of the Republic of Kazakhstan ", it – in the same row with the most famous doctors of Kazakhstan.
– And at a leisure I like to play piano, to draw and read classical literature, – it has unexpectedly changed subject of our conversation. – It is a pity that it is not always possible to find for this purpose time. But I will surely do favorite things.
Though, probably, there will be it not soon. While there was our conversation, behind door at Talgat Tynyshbayevich's office colleagues were already built to receive council, patients, doctors from regions which have arrived on training. And everyone had questions which the manager of department of NCN has managed to resolve suddenly.
– We also appreciate it. He is not simply ingenious neurosurgeon, but also the responsible, competent head, – Talgat Kerimbayev's friends have shared after the colleague. – And, above all that "our lovely doctor" – honest and simply charming person, working with which, it is possible to learn much. And the speech here not only about medicine, but also about his talent "to train" young doctors specialists, faithful to Hippocratic Oath, as well as he, knowing the life price, able to respond to troubles of people.

Source: Kazakhstan truth, author:Inesh BERZHANOVA

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