The Insult centers will open in all areas of Kazakhstan

Friday,  14  Октябрь  2016

In each regional center of Kazakhstan is planned opening of the insult centers, the chairman of the board of JSC National Center of Neurosurgery, the chief non-staff neurosurgeon of Ministry of health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Akshulakov has reported. The Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan has carried out for journalists press tour to the modern medical center in which his specialists have told about the performed operations and the implemented innovations. In particular, Serik Akshulakov has noted that one of widespread diseases - stroke which in 90% cases leads to lethal outcome or disability. Today in the center for exception of it carry out surgical prevention. "We annually perform about 2,3 thousand planned operations, from them about 60-70% - using new technologies. 400 operations are performed only on diseases of vessels of brain. That is this treatment of pathology which could lead to strokes. We call them surgical prevention. Expectation of stroke for the patient threatens with death or disability", - Serik Akshulakov has explained. Such operation, according to him, costs to the state as much as possible to three million tenges. Abroad it is done for 60-150 thousand US dollars. In Central Asia such surgical intervention is done only in Kazakhstan therefore here for the help there come patients from Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and even Russia. It should be noted that for planned treatment the Kazakhstan center is visited by patients from the USA, Germany, China, Turkey and so on. In eight years, from the moment of opening of the center, 150 foreigners are operated here. "As for patients who have had stroke, there are accurate protocols of their treatment. We have created the coordination center for treatment and prevention of strokes. His curators are our center and Institute of internal diseases and cardiology in Almaty. We jointly work, now in Kazakhstan we create the insult centers. Our purpose - in all regional centers to open such centers", - Serik Akshulakov has told. The chief neurosurgeon of the country has reported that in recent years in the center have started operating patients with functional disturbance, in particular epilepsy at children. "We now somewhere have operated more than 60 children with epilepsy. Very good results. But they all the same should be treated further. Now we operate patients with Parkinson's illness. There has to be rigid selection of patients. From 100 patients who address, of about 10-15 people operations are subject", - he has concluded. The national center of neurosurgery is created in 2008 at the request of the Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev. Annually here passes more than 2,3 thousand of operation at patients with the most difficult pathology of nervous system, and this quantity increases every year. In eight years specialists of the center have performed on 15 thousand operations to Kazakhstan citizens and have implemented 60 new neurosurgical technologies. The Kazakhstan center is the winner of honourable award "The European Grand Prix for quality", the industry founded in 2005 at the initiative of the Swiss Agency of assistance and new technologies.

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