National center of neurosurgery trains on surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

Thursday,  22  Сентябрь  2016

From September 19 to September 23, 2016 passes educational action for surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia with participation of one of the best specialists of Israel in neurosurgery by Roberto Spiegelman in the National center of neurosurgery. R. Spiegelman heads department of stereotaxic radio surgery in the Medical center Shiba Tel H Shomer and Assut's (Tel Aviv) clinic. The mentor specializes on treatment of metastatic tumors, tumors of brain and diseases of nervous system, dysmnesias, pain syndrome.
The epileptiform neuralgia (trigeminal neuralgia) is one of often found reasons of front pain. The trifacial is one of cranial nerves and innervates face skin. At epileptiform neuralgia pain in face can be caused by the slightest irritation in the form of drawing make-up, scratching of the person or even when toothbrushing. In initial stages pain at such neuralgia happens not expressed and lasts not for long. Gradually pain becomes more intensive, and the disease progresses, being shown by long attacks of front pains. Among methods of treatment of epileptiform neuralgia both conservative actions, and radical methods, in particular, surgical intervention, and also low-invasive procedures are applied. Conservative treatment consists in purpose of different medicines and physiotherapeutic methods. Usually, drug treatment happens very effective. But, in process of progressing of disease medicinal therapy becomes ineffective or in general ceases to stop pain attacks. Besides, for any medicamentous therapy the risk of side effects is characteristic. In that case doctors resort to surgical treatment. During training by doctor Roberto Spiegelman the lectures devoted to pathogeny, diagnosis and methods of treatment of trigeminal neuralgia will be given. In particular, the special attention will be paid to one of surgical methods of treatment of this disease – balloon compression. To patients with trigeminal neuralgia it will be carried out trifacial cylinder compression.

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