Doctors of the National center of neurosurgery have executed backbone operation through oral cavity

monday,  29  Август  2016

Neurosurgeons of department of spinal neurosurgery and pathology of peripheral nervous system of the National center of neurosurgery have executed operation with the help of unique technology. Doctors of department have executed operation through oral cavity at pathology of cervicooccipital area. The 41-year-old woman had rare pathology of cervicooccipital area. At such diseases there are changes in points of connection of skull and backbone of the person that is shown by defeat not only basic and motive function of backbone, but also structures of spinal cord and trunk of brain. At the patient respiratory and deglutitory function has been broken, weakness in all extremities was noted. The woman has asked for the help doctors of the National center of neurosurgery. According to specialists of the center, cervicooccipital area the most hardly accessible and problematic zone as here the main centers and vessels of head and spinal cord which are responsible for vital signs, the movement and sensitivity of all organism are located. Therefore work in this segment always jeweler and quite difficult. It is necessary not only to release the nervous structures which are in the squeezed state from all directions: in front and behind, but also "to attach" skull to cervical department of backbone because the squeezing educations are basic element of the head. According to the manager of department of spinal neurosurgery of the doctor of medical sciences Talgat Kerimbayev to the patient operation in two stages has been performed: have fastened with the first stage by means of the special fixing design skull and cervical department of backbone. Then the woman one of the most difficult types of operative measure has been executed: transoral resection of odontoid shoot with release of the vital structures of trunk of brain. At this option of operative measure approach problem zone through mouth with use of the special mouth gag. Special devices fix language that the person has not choked, then odontoid shoot step by step, very accurately, is removed with use of microsurgical tools. After removal of odontoid shoot the front decompression of nervous structures of cervicooccipital area is carried out, the operational wound is sewn up. Operation has taken place successfully. Condition of the patient stable, for the second day after carrying out operation she could already move independently. As doctors note, similar interventions demand the highest qualification of neurosurgeons and the special equipment therefore are carried out only in the capital center of neurosurgery. It should be noted that uses this technology in treatment of patients with pathology of cervicooccipital area only in several foreign clinics. Annually, in department of spinal neurosurgery and pathology of peripheral nervous system of the National center of neurosurgery about 3-5 similar operations are performed successfully.

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