Capital doctors have performed unique operation on brain

Saturday,  13  Август  2016

Capital neurosurgeons have performed unique operation on removal of huge aneurism of brain to the young woman. The patient has arrived to Astana from the Southern Kazakhstan in serious condition. According to doctors, at any time the disease could lead to lethal outcome. Now she feels well and already prepares for extract. With details Olga Chapurina. It now thirty-six-year-old Aysulu of Daumov easily moves along corridors. And few weeks ago she even talked hardly. Aneurism in brain in the woman was found after the birth of the second child. Aysula Daumov, patient: This party here they completely hurt me. Every day. I could not go even at home. For the son could not look. I have 8-year-old son still. He behind him looked. And the husband at work. Doctors show pictures of the head of the woman. Black ball on the screen of four centimeters. It is ten times more than usual vessel. The similar sizes of aneurysm meets very seldom, neurosurgeons speak. Besides it has effect of time bomb. At any time there could come hemorrhage and death. To the Kazakhstan clinic of Aysulu passed inspection at the Uzbek and Israeli doctors. But even they were afraid to operate the woman. Talgat Pazylbekov, medical director of the National center of neurosurgery: Complexity that operations are performed through vessels. Catheters are entered into vessels and the mouth of these aneurisms is blocked. These are brain vessels. And intervention on them in itself is very difficult, any careless movement or somewhere if something not so goes, it can be reflected in functions of brain. Olga Chapurina, correspondent: Annually passes over 2000 operations in the center of neurosurgery. Practically all of them, speak, doctors difficult and unique. And not each of them becomes abroad. Therefore to the Kazakhstan neurosurgeons come to be treated patients from the USA, Europe and the CIS countries. 

Olga CHAPURINA, source: ASTANATV.KZ http://www

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