Platinum talent of the neurosurgeon

Wednesday,  13  Июль  2016

More than 5 000 most difficult operations using the special microscopic equipment were performed for years of the work by the leading neurosurgeon of Kazakhstan, the owner of rank "Қазақстанның еңбек сіңірген қайраткері ", the corresponding member NAN the Republic of Kazakhstan and the author of 250 scientific publications, professor Serik Akshulakov. Today the famous doctor heads the National center of neurosurgery in Astana which project of the building, by the way, has been developed with its participation. As a result thanks to support of the state S. Akshulakov has managed to realize here in reality the intimate plans.
– The President's initiative of construction in Astana of complex of medical clinics of the different direction, certainly, has considerably influenced development as medicine in the country, and neurosurgery in particular, – the doctor tells. – Earlier in Kazakhstan we dealt only with neurotraumatology, and now we are able to afford to do the most difficult operations using high technologies which were carried out only abroad before. By the way, under the leadership of the chairman of the board of JSC National Center of Neurosurgery in this institution experience of carrying out operations on surgical treatment of epilepsy, Parkinson's illness, operative measures using neuronavigation has been implemented in due time. Thus similar operations still are not performed in one of the countries of the Central Asian region. No wonder that among patients of the center there are a lot of citizens as from the neighbor today, and foreign countries. – We constantly hold the international conferences, "round tables" with participation of leading experts from around the world, and we try to send our doctors for increase of their qualification whenever possible abroad, – S. Akshulakov continues. – And it is reflected in results of work of the center. So, if in the first year we have performed about 250 operations, in their last year there were not less than two and a half thousand. However, here nobody pursues quantity. Operations in neurosurgery demand special attentiveness and exact coordination of actions as from beginning to end, and it neither more nor less till 12 o'clock, they pass under microscope. But, as Serik Akshulakov, any tells tension when carrying out operation, it "pays off", after all you see how the patient healthy leaves clinic where it is already waited native, and it is worth a lot. Thus the special attention is deserved by cases when doctors have to decide destiny not of one, and at once two people one of which else even did not see light … The matter is that in NСN now accept and operate pregnant women with different neurosurgical pathologies. And everything has begun after that significant case when from maternity hospital have brought the young woman in coma to them. It had had rupture of arteriovenous malformation therefore there was hematencephalon.
– I then already expected it in accident ward, even have planned the course of the actions for carrying out inspection, – S. Akshulakov remembers. – But hardly the patient was delivered as she had had apnoea, and on this background childbirth has begun. As a result at me not that on inspection, even on talk of time did not remain. Have straight taken it in operational and have started carrying out double operation. And it in the 2008th year when we only began the work!
As a result Serik Kuandykovich has immediately begun brain operation. At any time wet brain could begin, and was to deliberate expediency of carrying out this intervention already once especially as gynecologists in same it is a high time saved life of the child who, on pleasure everything, was born the healthy. The kid was taken away at once in the Center of motherhood and the childhood, and S. Akshulakov's operation proceeded 8 more hours. Three weeks later young mother has woken up, and her have released on meeting to the first-born. By the way, in 5 flyings it has come to Serik Kuandykovich again, but this time behind permission: in family the second child was expected.
– Then I have thought that it is sign. The center has only opened, and we have already successfully performed for the first time in Kazakhstan such difficult operation, – the doctor argues. – It is possible to tell, have equaled the hopes laid on our center.
It is not a shame to the famous neurosurgeon and before his chief teacher – the academician Alexander Konovalov who has sent once beginning surgeon-traumatologist, the graduate of the Aktyubinsk state medical institute, to neurosurgery. Under his supervision S. Akshulakov studied and worked at research institute of neurosurgery of N. Burdenko in Moscow. In the same place protected candidate, and later and doctor's theses.
Having received necessary baggage of knowledge, the neurosurgeon together with the spouse Bayan Tuleuovnoy who has also passed clinical internship and postgraduate study in Moscow has returned home. He has got acquainted with it in student's years in Aktyubinsk, and then they have together passed the way from ordinary doctors in regional hospital to known in the capital, the republic of doctors. Now they two adults have son and four grandsons, the senior from which, Rayymbek, already graduates from school, and younger, Edyge, only 7 months.
– The second grandson, Aldiyar to whom so far only 13 years, already seriously think of work of the neurosurgeon. And still wants to wear white dressing gown and to treat people my little granddaughter Aybibi, – with pleasure S. Akshulakov notes. – I think, at them everything will turn out.
From ourselves we will add: as it has turned out at the grandfather, the winner of the highest independent award "Platinum Tarlan", "Caring Doctor of the World" according to the World association of doctors, the award "Three-copecks Piece Adam", the Russian award of N. Pirogov, the award Germany "Gold endoscope", the State award in the field of science and equipment of RK, national award "Halyta ң sy_kt_s_ – the National favourite, the doctor of year", the member of the Euroasian academy of neurosurgeons, honourable professor of scientific research institute of neurosurgery of N. Burdenko of the Russian Academy of Medical Science of the Russian Federation, the chief non-staff neurosurgeon of Ministry of health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Akshulakov.
Author: Inesh BERZHANOVA. Source: Kazakhstan truth

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