In the National center of neurosurgery the ceremony of physicians celebration has taken place

Friday,  17  Июнь  2016

Annually on the third Sunday of June Day of the health worker is celebrated. On the eve of this remarkable holiday in the National center of neurosurgery there has taken place the ceremony of celebration of physicians. "Huge to you thanks for your hard work, - Serik Kuandykovich Akshulakov has addressed to colleagues. - With the coming professional holiday! Happiness, health, family wellbeing and all benefits. Let all your dreams in professional activity always come true". For big contribution to development of health system, long-term honest work health workers have been awarded by certificates of honor, monetary awards, letters of thanks and mementoes. The breastplate " Денсаулық сақтау ісіне қосқан үлесі үшін " this day has marked out the therapist of reception and diagnostic department with day hospital Moldakhmetova Kulnaziya Minkayevna and the acupuncture doctor of department of neurorehabilitation Asenova Leyla Rakhimgaliyevna.

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