Today the young woman after operation on brain and Cesarean section has been performed at the same time is sent home.

monday,  7  Ноябрь  2016

Let's remind, on October 26, 2016 in the National center of neurosurgery neurosurgeons together with the obstetrician-gynecologists of National scientific center of motherhood and the childhood have performed at the same time 2 operations - microsurgical oncotomy of cerebellum and delivery in the way Caesarian sections to the pregnant woman. At the young woman the tumor of the left hemisphere of cerebellum burgeoning in brain trunk has been revealed. As a rule, the tumor in brain causes excessive pressure on brainstem, and promotes emergence of disturbances in work of respiratory system and heart. Therefore doctors have immediately made the joint plan of carrying out surgery. The main task of doctors was to pick up the correct surgical tactics not to do much harm to mother and her child. Operation has passed successfully and when the woman has recovered, it was told that it became mother of the girl weighing 2260 grams, 46 cm long. Today the woman together with the newborn girl is written out home. On the account of doctors of the National center of neurosurgery — it not the first similar operation. The first such intervention has been carried out 8 flyings ago by Zhanalsyn Oteshova who has come then in critical state to clinic. Today with Zhanylsyn and her son everything is good, and they are under continuous supervision of doctors of the National center of neurosurgery.

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