Doctors of the National Center for Neurosurgery performed a highly complex brain operation

Thursday,  14  Сентябрь  2023

A citizen of Uzbekistan applied for an online consultation at the National Center for Neurosurgery. Previously, doctors in Samarkand diagnosed a large brain tumor in a man. The patient was taking medication at his place of residence, however, recently the man began to experience severe headaches, dizziness and convulsions. As a result, the foreign patient decided to receive advice from specialists at the National Center for Neurosurgery via email. During an online consultation, after examining the patient’s MRI images, doctors at the Neurosurgery Center decided on surgical treatment at the Center. Hospitalization of a foreign patient was planned.

Since the lesion was located closely between the motor and zones responsible for sensitivity, doctors from the Department of Brain  Neurosurgery performed an awake surgery under local anesthesia. Doctors performed microsurgical removal of a large tumor in the left parietal lobe. In addition, a neuronavigation system was used during the operation; it determined the boundaries of the lesion, and as a preventive measure for disorders in functionally important areas, specialists contacted the patient to directly monitor sensitive centers.

As the doctors of the Center note, such treatment tactics in this case were necessary for the patient, since during the removal of a lesion in functionally significant areas, surgery must be as careful as possible, without damaging the vessels and adjacent brain tissue, while preserving all the motor and sensory functions of the patient.

The operation was carried out by a team of the best specialists of the National Center, namely: Head of the Department of Brain Neurosurgery Dr. Nurzhan Ryskeldiev, neurosurgeon Dr. Aidos Kurmanakhunov. The operation was also accompanied by a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized doctors represented by anesthesiologist Dr. Nurpeisov Aisa, Dr. Nurdinov Mars, anesthetist Zhaksimbekova Roza and neurologist-epileptologist Dr. Ibatova Gaukhar.

“Before entering this clinic, I was tormented by frequent seizures. I took anticonvulsants, but they no longer worked. We were recommended this Center in Uzbekistan, the head of the department Dr. Nurzhan Ryskeldiev, as the best specialist. I watched a lot of videos about him and his operations on YouTube and just trusted him. There was fear during the operation, but now everything is over. Today is the second day after surgery, I feel good. I am grateful to all the doctors of this Center, I especially want to mention Dr. Nurzhan Ryskeldiev. He is a very humane and humble doctor with golden hands.” – shared a foreign patient.

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