Two simultaneous surgeries for a 8 months pregnancy woman

Tuesday,  26  Сентябрь  2023

At the National Center for Neurosurgery, neurosurgeons, together with obstetrician-gynecologists from the National Scientific Center for Maternity and Childhood, performed 2 operations simultaneously - microsurgical removal of a tumor in the left frontal-temporal-parietal lobe of the brain and delivery by cesarean section to a woman at 34 weeks of pregnancy.

    A young woman was diagnosed with a large tumor in July of this year. At 29 weeks of pregnancy, the patient was hospitalized at the National Center for Neurosurgery and underwent surgery to remove a tumor of the left frontal lobe while preserving the fetus. The patient was discharged with improvement. But soon the woman began to notice a deterioration in her condition recently. In dynamics, an MRI of the brain was performed, which revealed an increase in the size of the tumor. After the operation, the patient’s main diagnosis began to progress; the tumor began to increase in size and rapidly grow into functionally significant areas, which led to disruption of the patient’s motor and speech centers.

   The second operation was performed by neurosurgeons. Microsurgical removal of a tumor in the left frontal-temporal-parietal lobe of the brain using neuronavigation. The voluminous tumor was completely removed. The main task of the doctors was to choose the right surgical tactics so as not to harm the mother and her child.

   Obstetricians-gynecologists worked simultaneously with neurosurgeons and performed delivery by caesarean section. A boy was born weighing 1350 grams and 48 cm tall. The newborn was transferred to the neonatology department of the National Scientific Center for Maternity and Childhood for further nursing.

   Both operations were successful. The baby is in good condition today and is starting to gain weight. The patient also feels well and was discharged home with improvement.

   This operation was performed by a team of the best doctors of the Center for Neurosurgery, head of the Department of Neurosurgery for Brain Pathology, Prof. Ryskeldiev N.A., neurosurgeon Dr. Tleubergenov M.A., anesthesiologist Dr. Kurbanbaev O.N., anesthetist Zhaksimbekova R.B.

   Also, the most experienced doctors of the Center for Maternity and Childhood - the director of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Dr. Ibraev Talgat, neonatologist Dr. Sauletbek Kuralai, the director of Women's Health, Prof. Bapaeva Gauri, the head of the program Togyzbayeva Karlygash.

    This is the third such operation performed by doctors at the National Center for Neurosurgery.

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