Removal of a tumor on the spine

monday,  15  Май  2023

Doctors of the National Neurosurgery Center performed a complex operation on a patient with a tumor on the spine, namely on the cruciate bone, which is a kind of center of gravity and distributes the load and protects the internal organs.
So, a resident of the capital, Gaukhar Akhmetova, started having pain in her lower back and legs back in the fall. The drugs prescribed by the neurologist did not help her. Malignant tumor was discovered by radiologists on MRI. The verdict of the doctors - an operation is necessary, radiation therapy is powerless here.
    In world oncological practice, such a tumor is often removed along with the bone and the nerves passing through it, saving the patient's life, while life is not full. In our case, our doctors preserved the nerve endings on which vital functions depend. It should be noted that earlier, after the removal of neoplasms, such patients were assigned a disability. Now, after the operation, the patient who underwent such a complex operation will be able to live a full life.
    As previously reported, according to the standard technique, the sacrum is removed completely, along with the nerves. Accordingly, for the patient, this does not have very good consequences, in particular, numbness of the perineum, problems with urination, immobility, etc. The uniqueness of this operation lies in the removal of the sacrum completely, in several parts, while maintaining all the passing nerves. In the near future, doctors plan to replace the sacrum with titanium 3D models with implants. With such implants, the nerves will be more protected from external influences. The 3D implant also performs a certain stabilizing function - it connects the pelvic ring. In general, the neurosurgeons of the National Center perform over 4 thousand operations per year, including the most complex ones on the spine.

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