A patient suffering form facial pain for 6 years

Thursday,  22  Сентябрь  2022

Patient Kabdrakhman Abikenovich has been suffering from pain in the jaw area of ​​the right side for about six years. For six years, the patient took painkillers, various methods of treatment did not bring the desired result, facial pain did not stop. But the last two months, unbearable pain began to manifest itself even more strongly. The man made an MRI of the brain, turned to the doctors of the National Center for Neurosurgery for medical help.

According to the patient's doctor, Chingiz Nurimanov, trigeminal neuralgia is manifested by sharp sudden pains in the face, the pain occurs at lightning speed, like an electric shock, and just as suddenly disappears. The duration of an attack is less than 2-3 minutes, but there can be up to 20 attacks per day.

“We performed the operation on this patient. Right-sided suboccipital craniotomy, microvascular decompression of the right trigeminal nerve with a retrosigmoid approach. After the operation, the patient's condition improved, the pain regressed. The disease is most common in both women and men over the age of 50. The occurrence of the disease is associated with the anatomical features of a person and occurs due to compression of the trigeminal nerve root by the superior cerebellar artery. - shared the neurosurgeon of the Department of Vascular and Functional Neurosurgery Chingiz Nurimanov.

“Sometimes the pain started from the usual touching of the face, rinsing the mouth, shaving, even moving the head and neck. Because of these pains, the quality of life has decreased, it seems that hellish pain is about to “shoot” again. At the initial stage, painkillers helped, but over time, although they increased the dosage, they no longer helped.

Today is the third day after the operation, no pain. I hope that now I will return to a normal life without painkillers. Thanks to all the doctors and medical staff of this Center for their care and attention. The conditions of stay, food, treatment here are good, very sensitive and responsive medical staff works here.” – shared the patient Kabdrakhman Abikenovich.

Doctors of the Department of Vascular and Functional Neurosurgery for microvascular decompression of the trigeminal nerve perform 7-10 operations weekly. A positive and effective outcome in such interventions can be achieved with the availability of modern diagnostic and surgical equipment and specialists who are proficient in microsurgical techniques.

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