Vice Minister of Healthcare Mr. Vyacheslav Dudnik visited the National Center for Neurosurgery

Tuesday,  9  Август  2022

CEO of National Center for Neurosurgery Prof. Serik Akshulakov made a presentation, talking about the results of the center's activities for 14 years. Over the years of the Center's work, more than 37 thousand operations have been performed, more than 59 thousand patients have been treated, and more than 70 new neurosurgical technologies have been introduced. The center has been accredited four times by the International Joint Commission (JCI), which proves the high level of quality of medical services. The center is equipped with the most modern medical equipment. Thus, in 2021, the Center launched the Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgical unit, which is the “gold standard” of radiosurgical treatment.
  During the visit, the vice minister visited the department of radiology and radiosurgery, the Gamma Knife unit, the department of hospital pharmacy, the educational department of neurosurgery and neurology, and the library. During a tour of the Center, Vyacheslav Dudnik talked with the staff of the clinic, and complex clinical cases from medical practice were demonstrated to the guest.

  Vyacheslav Dudnik got acquainted with the principle of operation of the Gamma Knife high-tech equipment used for tumor lesions, vascular diseases of the brain, as well as for multiple brain metastases located in vital brain structures, without additional surgical risks.
Mr. Dudnik also visited the department of hospital pharmacy - the know-how of the center, a breakthrough project in innovative drug management. The National Center for Neurosurgery is one of the first clinics in the post-Soviet space, where a department of hospital pharmacy was opened. The vice minister asked about the complexity of the work and possible existing problems in this direction.

   In general, during the discussion, topical issues on the organization of neurosurgical service, educational and scientific activities were voiced. As a result of the visit, Vice Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vyacheslav Dudnik decided on the need for a deeper analysis and study of problems with further discussion and submission of proposals to the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The vice minister also highly appreciated the level of work of the Center and wished the staff great success in their work.

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