Graduation ceremony of residents

Wednesday,  3  Август  2022

At the National Center for Neurosurgery, graduates in the specialty "Neurosurgery, including pediatrics" (2018-2022) and "Neurology, including pediatrics" (2020-2022) were awarded certificates of completion of residency.

   Prof. Serik Akshulakov, CEO of NCN, as well as Dr. Aidos Doskaliev, Director for Strategy and Science, congratulated the graduates on the completion of the residency.

  Prof. Akshulakov wished the graduates to make their professional path productive and promising: “Today, foreshadowing the beginning of a long journey, you received a state certificate, which confirms that you are full-fledged specialists. Having received a lot of knowledge, you have grown as individuals, becoming highly qualified specialists in the field of neurosurgery and neurology. Throughout the entire period of study, you have mastered new and complex methods of diagnosis, surgical treatment of patients, and gained knowledge of the latest medical advances. I believe that all this knowledge gained within the walls of this Center will certainly be successfully applied in professional activities, and we will hear more than once about the good results of your work. Good luck and happy journey, graduates!"

    To date, 64 residents have studied in the National Center for Neurosurgery, of ​​which 47 specialists have studied in the specialty "Neurosurgery, including pediatrics", and 17 specialists in the specialty "Neurology, including pediatrics". This graduation of young specialists of neurosurgeons is the happy 10th graduation of the residency program of JSC "NCN" and the 5th graduation of young specialists of neurologists.

    The management, as well as the staff of the National Center for Neurosurgery, congratulates the graduates on the successful completion of their residency and wishes them good health, great success in their work, continuous improvement and new achievements for the benefit of the people.

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