Transnasal removal of brain tumor

Thursday,  21  Июль  2022

For the past few years, a resident of the city of Atyrau began to be disturbed by severe headaches, as a result of which the woman underwent an MRI scan of the brain. An MRI scan revealed a benign neoplasm of the pituitary gland. The patient was under the supervision of an endocrinologist. According to doctors, a number of pituitary adenomas successfully respond to conservative drug treatment, but if a tumor grows, then surgical treatment is used. According to the patient, no tumor growth was observed during the year, but last year the tumor began to grow again, and the patient's vision deteriorated sharply. The control MRI scan confirmed the growth of the adenoma. Doctors of the National Center for Neurosurgery recommended surgical treatment.

According to the neurosurgeon of the Department of Brain Neurosurgery, PhD Dr. Daniyar Teltayev performed minimally invasive removal of the pituitary tumor, through the patient's nose using an endoscope. And today, transnasal surgery remains the most commonly used method for pituitary adenomas. “This is a fairly proven treatment method that has been used in neurosurgery for decades. During this time, the transnasal approach for neurosurgical interventions has undergone many improvements, improving the safety and efficacy profile, and has become a standard procedure for the removal of pituitary adenomas. This patient underwent transnasal transsphenoidal endoscopic resection of the tumor in the chiasmal-sellar region of the adenoma. The surgery took about 2 hours. The operation was completed successfully, now the patient is in the ward, preparing for discharge.” - said Dr. Daniyar Teltayev.

It is worth noting that after the operation, the patient observes a positive trend in improving health. Vision has improved, there are no severe headaches that were not previously stopped by strong painkillers.

“For a long time I did not dare to have surgery. There was great fear. For a long time I worked out my fear with psychologists. Then I decided to have a surgery. I met Dr. Daniyar Teltayev. The doctor gave me hope for recovery. I express my deep gratitude to this Center, doctors and nurses of the department. Also to resuscitation doctors, intensive care unit nurses for their responsiveness and attention.” - shared the patient of the Department of Brain Neurosurgery.

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