1st International Scientific and Practical Conference on Pharmacology

Wednesday,  27  Апрель  2022

Today, on April 27, on the basis of the National Center for Neurosurgery, together with the Regional Public Organization "Professional Association of Clinical Pharmacologists and Clinical Pharmacists", the First International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovative Management of Drugs and Medical Devices in a Hospital. Realities and Opportunities" was held.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the problems and prospects of the innovative use of medicines, exchange experience, knowledge and enrichment with new useful contacts.

    The event presented the experience of implementing a centralized hospital pharmacy, which is one of the first modern patient-oriented, personalized model for managing drugs and medical devices among the CIS countries. That is why the National Center for Neurosurgery acted as a co-organizer of the event today, on the basis of which it became possible to implement a model for managing medicines and medical devices.

    Professor of the National Center for Neurosurgery, Head of the Department of Hospital Pharmacy Dr. Aigul Tolepbergenova spoke at the conference about the modern model of drugs and medical device management introduced at the National Center for Neurosurgery, about ensuring the safe, rational and effective use of medicines.

    According to Aigul Tolepbergenova, a very important aspect of the hospital pharmacy department (HPD)  at NCN is the preparation of medicines in an antiseptic environment, which is not always possible to create in departments for reasons such as the lack of suitable equipment for the preparation of medicines in antiseptic conditions. Moreover, a huge advantage of having a separate sector of clinical pharmacy in a medical organization is that there is a clear systematization of the management of the circulation of medicines in the institution. It is also worth noting that the significant need for the existence and effective functioning of the HPD is due to the fact that medical prescriptions are constantly analyzed and, if necessary, together with the doctor who prescribed the treatment, medical errors and inaccuracies are corrected, which can lead to adverse consequences. This is a critical aspect in the efficient and safe use of drug therapy with maximum patient satisfaction. “National Center of Neurosurgery is one of the first clinics in the post-Soviet space, where a department of hospital pharmacy was opened, where centralized preparation and personalized distribution of medicines are carried out. Having specially trained personnel and a double level of control, the possibility of errors both in the calculation of the dose and in the preparation of the drug is eliminated. Also, an important advantage for the clinic is the reduction in the cost of pharmacotherapy for the clinic. That is the rational use of medicines". – shared Aigul Tolepbergenova.

    The conference was held online and offline, more than 200 specialists from all over Kazakhstan participated in the conference - these are clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists, healthcare organizers. Foreign colleagues also took part, who introduced the audience to drug management systems in medical organizations in the UK, China and South Korea.

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