Master class for residents on IPC system

monday,  18  Апрель  2022

On April 17, Dr. Askar Sydykov, head of the Scientific and Educational Simulation Center, held a master class on the IPC system for the residents of the Center at the National Center for Neurosurgery. The IPC system is a surgical system that gives the neurosurgeon a maximum and precise approach to inaccessible areas of the brain and spinal cord in cranial and spinal neurosurgery. During the master class, residency students mastered this new system, worked out practical skills in neurosurgical diseases. Mistakes in using the IPC system were analyzed and profiling the breakdown of this equipment was discussed. In addition, the nozzles of the system and in which neurosurgical operations they will be effective have been studied in detail. The master class was held in the scientific and educational simulation center and was conducted on pre-prepared models. According to Dr. Askar Sydykov, residents will be able to apply the acquired skills during operations, which will significantly increase productivity during operations.

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