A pregnant woman with a large brain tumor was operated on at the National Center for Neurosurgery

Friday,  25  Февраль  2022

A woman at the 28th week of pregnancy had short-term seizures, with loss of consciousness. The woman was taken by ambulance to the regional hospital in her region. During the diagnosis, on a CT scan, the doctors found a volumetric formation in the fronto-parietal region on the left with hemorrhage.

Considering the serious condition of the pregnant patient and the high risk of further complications, the doctors of the Neurosurgery Center decided to urgently hospitalize the patient by air ambulance for surgical treatment at the Neurosurgery Center.

A huge tumor squeezed the brain, as a result of which the woman had convulsions, her right leg and arm began to fail, and cognitive impairment appeared. The pregnant woman underwent an emergency microsurgical operation to remove a frontal lobe tumor on the left, in the dominant hemisphere of the brain, which grows to the deep part of the brain, the motor zone.

The complex operation was that the tumor was close to the motor zone, in such cases it is very important not to damage parts of the nervous system and its pathways.

The operation was successful and the tumor was completely removed. The highly complex operation was performed by Prof. Serik Akshulakov, Head of the Department of Brain Neurosurgery Dr. Nurzhan Ryskeldiev, neurosurgeon Dr. Nurali Ashirov, experienced anesthesiologists Dr. Raushan Tokshekenova, Dr. Mars Nurdinov, who observed throughout the operation, and obstetricians-gynecologists of the National Scientific Center for Maternity and childhood.

The condition of the pregnant woman is satisfactory, she feels well, she was transferred to the ward. All functional and motor abilities are preserved. Despite the complex operation, the woman continues to bear the child.

There are already 8 cases in the practice of doctors of the National Center for Neurosurgery with neurosurgical pathologies in pregnant women.

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