Blog of the Chairman

Neurosurgical service in Kazakhstan has more than 50 -year history and a new point of the report is the construction of service development in medical cluster Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery . Center, became a " breakthrough" projects , allowing dramatically improve the care of patients with neurosurgical pathology . On an ongoing basis, search and introduction of new medical technologies to ensure maximum safety for the patient in complex operations , as well as reduce the likelihood of postoperative complications and disability.

     Today, the Center is internationally recognized and evidence of this is the presence of partners in the face of the world's leading experts and the confidence of foreign patients. It offers qualified neurosurgeons trained in leading clinics in the U.S. , Italy, Switzerland , Austria, Germany , Israel and Russia .

      Collective joint-stock company "Republican Scientific Center of Neurosurgery " welcome you and is ready to provide comprehensive medical services of the highest quality !


Chairman of the Board

JSC "National Scientific Center of Neurosurgery "

S. Akshulakov