The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan NursultanNazarbayev has always emphasized the importance of innovation "today in the race for innovation participate all countries that have a reasonable strategy of development, innovation is a national priority - road to the future."

Innovation is becoming part of our lives every day in order to improve quality, including the quality of medicine. Due to the breakthrough development of medical science there appear the latest high-accuracy medical technologies of treatment of various diseases. In this context, according to the initiative of the Head of the Republic in the young, thriving capital of Kazakhstan Astana there has been created a medical cluster, consisting of 6 advanced clinics, which aims to become a "platform for the introduction of new medical technologies and the locomotive of development of Kazakhstan's health care system".

Neurosurgical service in Kazakhstan has more than 50 years of history and the new point of the development of the Service has been the construction of The Republican Research Center for Neurosurgeryas part of the medical cluster. The Center has become the "breakthrough" project which allows to radicallyimprove the care of patients with neurosurgical pathology. The search for and introduction of new medical technologies is held on a permanent basis in order to ensure maximum safety for the patient during complex operations, as well as to reduce the likelihood of post-operative complications and disability.

The Centre is now being recognized internationally and the evidence for this is the presence of partners represented by world's leading experts and the reliance of foreign patients.

In our Clinic, one can get a consultative and diagnostic help and hospital care, within the guaranteed volume of free medical care, as well as for fee.

Highly skilled neurosurgeons trained in leading clinics of the US, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Israel and Russia are at service.

Comfortable rooms and, above all, attentive and professional service and a warm relationship await each patient of our Center.

The staff of JSC " Republican Research Center for Neurosurgery" is glad to welcome you and is ready to provide comprehensive medical services of the highest quality!


Chairman of the Board

JSC "Republican Scientific Center for Neurosurgery"

S. Akshulakov