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Tumors of peripheral nerves and nerve plexuses

Tumors of peripheral nerves and nerve plexuses occur, usually as a result of traumatic injury, or as a consequence of infections, intoxications, metabolic disorders, inflammatory tumors and adjacent organs. Tumors of peripheral nerves - neuroma arise in nerve damage. Its intersection, such as amputation, can be accompanied by the formation of amputation neuroma.

In areas accessible to palpation on the residual limb, neuroma is felt as a sharp painful formation, usually welded to the surrounding tissues. Less frequent are mobile and painless tumor of the peripheral nerves.

Sometimes several components involves in the process - poligangliolit. If at the same time there is a tumor of the peripheral nerves and nerve plexus, you may distinguish two stages in the course of the disease.


Neuralgic stage is shown with pains and painful sensations which arise or intensify during movement. Paralytic stage is characterized by flaccid paralysis or paresis of the muscles, decrease or absence of sensitivity and autonomic-trophic disorders in the area of ​​innervation.

With the defeat of the nerve plexus often pain (burning sensation) in the area of ​​innervations occurs, sometimes pain spread to the entire side of the body, often episodically. Functions of internal organs are broken, innervated by the affected nerve plexus. If you experience swelling of the celiac (solar) plexus there is pain in the epigastric region, referred throughout the abdomen, and sometimes in the chest cavity.

Along with pain violations of motor and secretory function of the stomach and intestines, biliary dyskinesia, muscle spasms of the uterus and urinary tract infections are observed. Sometimes there are solar crises: aggravated the symptoms, including vasomotor disorders, signed by increased blood pressure, redness of the skin.

The diagnosis can be established only after a thorough examination and elimination of diseases of various organs of the abdomen and pelvis.

Methods of treatment

  • Neurolysis
  • Microsurgical nerve suture