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Surgical treatment of the spine fracture

Operative treatment of vertebral fractures.

Surgical treatment of spinal compression fractures shown by compression of neural structures (spinal cord, nerve roots), spinal instability, and of pain. For example, when reducing the height of the vertebral body at radiographs more than 50% of spinal instability occurs, which may lead to dynamic (associated with movement ) compression of neural structures. In this case, the operation is necessary to prevent damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots.

There are several types of operations that are performed in our center with compression spinal fractures. Depending on the type of fracture, the severity of compression of neural structures doctor may choose one or the other type of operation. The basic principles of surgery for fractures of the spine is the decompression of neural structures (if there are signs of compression of bone structures of the spinal cord or nerve roots) , as well as stabilization (fixation in a physiologically advantageous position ) of damaged spinal segment.

Methods of treatment:

  •  Vertrebroplastika
  •  kyphoplasty
  •  decompressive surgery
  •  One-stage resection of the affected vertebra with the stabilization of the affected segment