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Essential tremor

Among neurological diseases the essential tremor of the head is quite common. The reason for thisare not only neuro-psychiatric disorders, but also a genetic predisposition. In this disease involuntary rhythmic contractions of the neck and facial muscles occur resulting in the headshaking.


Symptoms of essential tremor of the head occur mostly in older people, though young people are not immune from this disease.

  •  Single initial sternocleidomastoid movements of the head;
  •  Gradually head tremors become permanent;
  •  Absence of head tremor at restor during sleep ;
  •  If you try to stop shivering, tremor increases;
  •  If there is a significant psychological strain,tremor increases;
  •  Gradual involvement of facial muscles and muscles of the tongue in the pathological process.

These symptoms of essential tremor of the head can progressduring several years troubling a sick person.

Methods of treatment

  •  Stereotactic neurostimulation of deep structures of the brain