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          The qualified help to neurosurgical patients is given in the National center of neurosurgery at the highest level:

  •   With kind and malignant oncological pathology of the central, and also peripheral nervous system;

  •   With craniocereberal injuries and their effects, damages of nervous trunks, backbone and spinal cord;

  •   With congenital anomalies of development of nervous system (hydrocephaly, incomplete closing of the spinal channel, cranium);

  •   With vascular diseases of the central nervous system, including disturbances of cerebral circulation, aneurism and vascular malformation, carotid-cavernous fistulas, arteriovenous fistulas of vessels of brain, stenoses, occlusions of vessels of the head and neck;

  •    With pathology of rachis and spinal cord, including with hernias of intervertebral disks, osteochondrosis, spinal stenoses, spondylolisthesis, spondylarthrosis, destructive diseases of vertebrae;

  •    With functional frustration as Parkinson's illness, epilepsy, primary tremor, dystonia, neuralgia of cranial nerves, hemifacial spasm, spastic states and pain syndromes, etc.;

           Our contacts: +7 (7172) 62-11-00, +7 (7172) 62-11-57, +7 701 062 11 00, +7 747 511 60 00, e-mail: neurocallcenter@nmh.kz