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Consultative and Diagnostics Department

Since February 2010 the Centre started functioning specialized Admission and Disagnostics Department with a Day Hospital, which is composed of consultative-diagnostic service, functional diagnostics and treatment room . Where to seek help at the highest medical level : advanced equipment , modern diagnostics and treatment technologies , highly qualified doctors and nurses , friendly atmosphere - all this guarantees you and your child a full examination , development of individual treatment and rehabilitation programs .

    The main focus of the Department is to provide specialized advice outpatient and inpatient neurosurgical and neurological , using modern methods of clinical and instrumental diagnosis .

    Doctors are available  8.00 to 16.00 ( except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) .

    In our treatment room , we provide the following services :

  •      Intravenous bolus preparations
  •      Intravenous drip drugs
  •      Intramuscular " injection " drugs
  •      Measurement of blood pressure
  •      Blood sampling
  •      Subcutaneous injection    

    All of these medical procedures can be performed as prescribed by a doctor working at our Center and by appointment specialists from other clinics. You have the opportunity to apply to the treatment room for the necessary manipulation of you , and at a convenient time for you. These procedures can we go without an appointment.

     Consultations and medical care are provided by the following specialists : neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-ophthalmologist, ENT doctor, cardiologist.

    The department offers the following diagnostic services: EEG, ECG, ultrasonography, Doppler, high-tech equipment for EMG.


    Department has a modern diagnostic equipment consisting of ultrasound scanner c color Doppler (Logiq 5 EXPERT), electrocardiograph (ECG 9132K), Spiro metric diagnostic system (Super Sprio), eletroentsefalografom (Neurofax EEG-1100K), electromyography (EMG MEB 9400K), portable 2 -channel Doppler system (MULTI DOP).

    Head of the Department is Dr. Nurlan Kissamedenov, neurourologist, neurosurgeon.