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Department of Neurorehabilitation

The Department of Neurorehabilitation provides specialized, restorative treatment for patients with neurosurgical pathology: the consequences of severe traumatic brain injury, the consequences of spinal cord injury and trauma of the peripheral nervous system, as well as after neurosurgical surgical interventions.

The priority of hospitalization in the neurorehabilitation department refers to patients after surgery in the conditions of JSC "NTSN". Rehabilitation treatment is intended for the adult population of Kazakhstan.

The department was opened in June 2008, deployed for 30 beds. The staff of the department includes experienced doctors: neuropathologists - rehabilitation therapists, speech therapists, a psychologist, a physical therapy doctor, an acupuncture therapist, specially trained middle and junior medical personnel. The patients are provided with comfortable conditions in double wards.

  The complex of rehabilitation treatment includes:

- group and individual lessons with instructors of physiotherapy exercises;

- mechanotherapy;

- classes with a psychologist;

- classes in the sensory room;

- ART - therapy;

- classes with a speech therapist in case of speech impairment;

- acupuncture;

- physiotherapy (magnet therapy, laser therapy, electrical stimulation, hydromassage, pearl baths, 4-chamber galvanized bath, 4-chamber jet-contrast bath, Charcot shower, circular shower, etc.);

- massage;

- hydrokinesis therapy;

- drug treatment;

This complex of medical measures is aimed at full or partial restoration of impaired functions, self-service training, and restoration of labor activity.

A feature of the work of the neurorehabilitation department is an individual approach to the preparation and implementation of a rehabilitation program for the treatment of each patient, high qualifications and friendly attitude of the staff.

Head of the Department is Dr. Alina Mustafayeva, neurologist, neurorehabilitation doctor.