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Underwater spine traction

Underwater spine traction or traction therapy - this is one of the most effective treatments for musculoskeletal system . Therapeutic effect in underwater spine traction due to the combined impact on the patient's momentary warm water bath and total traction . Underwater spine traction most strongly affects the lumbar spine . This contributes to a slight decrease in lordosis of the lumbar spine caused by the situation in the water with outstretched legs . Under the influence of tension in many patients immediately cease radicular pain .

     Indication for underwater traction spine are different syndromes osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine:

  •  herniated disc , lumbodynia with neurological manifestations ,
  •  sciatica with static- dynamic disturbances in the form of restriction of motion in the spine,
  •  scoliosis,
  •  kyphoscoliosis ,
  •  flattening of the lumbar lordosis ,
  •  radicular compression,
  •  compression radiculopathy
  •  the initial manifestation of Ankylosing spondylitis ,
  •  spondylosis deformans ,
  •  acute and subacute manifestations of vertebral pain syndromes under the action of compression- mechanical factor , protrusion of intervertebral disc , accompanied by compression of the roots , the intervertebral joint capsule infringement ,
  •  reflex neurovascular , muscular- tonic tservikokranialgii , cervicobrachialgia due to the action of mechanical- compression factor
  •  neytroficheskie and neyrossoudistye violations nekoreshkovogo genesis
  •  structurally unstable , slowly developing radikulomieloishemicheskie syndromes caused by the action of mechanically - kompressionno factors in patients with unchanged or wide enough spinal canal .
  •  psevdospondilolistez (at " slipping " of the overlying vertebra no more than 1/3 size of the body , and in the cervical spine - 1/ 5).
  •  complicated patogeneriruyuschaya miofixation erector spine.

     Action of water at a temperature of 36-37 ˚ on the nerve endings of the skin reduces striated muscle tone , which in turn causes an increase in the distance between the vertebrae and intervertebral expansion holes through which the spinal nerves . If the infringement of the nerve (eg , osteochondrosis ) , pain during underwater traction decreases. In addition, decreased muscle tone in underwater extension helps eliminate spasm of blood vessels and improve blood supply to the damaged area.

     Technique of traction in warm water has advantages due to the softer nature and physiological influences. To mechanical stretching of the spine joins the influence of warm water environment , which helps to reduce muscle tone, relaxation of tissues and reduces the intensity of pain .