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Circular shower

Circular shower system is a horizontal circulation (located on a circle) of small diameter tubes, on the inner surface of which there are multiple holes through which pressurized water is directed to your body. At the very beginning of the procedure circular shower water temperature is usually 35-30 ° C; it is gradually lowered to 25 ° C. Duration soul 5-20 minutes, and the impact in these cases also different. For 5 minutes the body has time to relax, but after 7-10 minutes of procedure there is a feeling of light excitation - tone of the nervous system and the body increases. Thin jets carried thrusting action irritating peripheral receptors. Consequently, circular shower has a restorative and tonic effect, increases the emotional and physical activity increases blood flow to all the internal organs.

Circular shower is a great way to relieve back pain, stimulates the brain and spinal cord, has been used successfully in the treatment of functional disorders of the nervous system, stress, low blood pressure.