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4-chamber electrogalvanic bath

4-chamber electrogalvanic bath - a design that consists of a two -chamber foot baths and 2 separate cameras for hands. The procedure combines the action of the galvanic current and local bath (water temperature 37 degrees ) for the upper and lower extremities . If necessary, the medicinal solution is added . This bath is suitable for those who for health reasons can not be assigned a bath for the whole body . Show Time - 15 minutes.

   The therapeutic effect of the bath is based on the application of the galvanic current , acting on the body through the water. Under the influence of bath irritation occurs vasomotor nerves , leading to vasodilatation . Action electrogalvanic bath can be compared to a contrast shower or bath with alternating short-term effects on the body hot and cold water . The procedure has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect , improves lymph and blood circulation.

   A course of treatments using electrogalvanic bath has analgesic effect, improves blood circulation and mobility at vertebral osteochondrosis , osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis of any origin, after injuries of the musculoskeletal system . In diseases of the peripheral nervous system restores various kinds of sensitivity , decrease or disappear paresthesia as numbness , tingling in the extremities .

   Galvanic 4-chamber bath used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory lesions and degenerative changes of the musculoskeletal system , peripheral paralysis , some forms of rheumatism , vazonevrozov , post-traumatic states , restless legs syndrome , seizures and reduced muscle tone limbs, dilates blood vessels , improves metabolism stimulates the secretion , lowers blood clotting.

   Medical mud containing a large amount of mineral , organic matter , dissolved gases , a large number of biologically active substances , has diverse effects on basic human functions and systems : respiration, circulation , metabolism, and excretion . Mud has on tissue mechanical, chemical and thermal effect . Together they implement expressed reflex reactions of the body and a local reaction that determines the trophic, vasoactive , anti-inflammatory and resolving effect , promotes the formation of spatially ordered elastic connective tissue scarring . An improvement of local blood circulation , resorption of infiltrates , increased regeneration and metabolic processes. All together leads to the restoration of function of the affected organ . Besides, there is a pronounced effect on the hormones and the human immune system , the body's defenses are activated for stable recovery. Under the influence of topical application improves the condition of the musculoskeletal system , enhanced protective processes in the body.

   In our clinic , the following technique mud : thin- mud applications . Specially packaged in a thin layer is formed dirt individual mud application . Application is used only once in a heated state , and then disposed of .

   Applied Center dirt is sulfide , ie represent bottom silt salt ponds . Indications for mud : - musculoskeletal disease - inflammatory musculoskeletal system , metabolic - degenerative , traumatic (rheumatoid arthritis , ankylosing spondylitis , osteoarthritis deformans , arthropathy ) , diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

   Also conducted at the Center for paraffin - ozokerit treatment. Ozocerite or montan wax - a natural hydrocarbon compound of dark brown or black. It consists of a mixture of paraffinic hydrocarbons , mineral oils , resins, and a number of gaseous hydrocarbons. In the mechanism of paraffin and mineral wax takes the leading place thermal factor. They cause an increase in local temperature and active hyperemia of the skin, revitalize capillary blood flow , improve regional hemodynamics and metabolism , have antispasmodic effects , increase sweating, increase the tone of the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system . Paraffin and mineral wax contribute to the resorption of inflammatory infiltrates , scarring and adhesions, produces analgesic effect , stimulate regenerative processes.

   Treatment ozokerite shown in diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system , beneficial to recovery after peripheral nervous system diseases and injuries of internal organs disease (pneumonia , hepatitis , pleurisy , gastritis, colitis) , skin disease , thrombophlebitis . Noted that the positive effect on the nerve endings have antispasticheskoe ozokeritovye applications , anti-inflammatory effect , enhances the regeneration of tissues , as well as a painkiller , resolving , vasodilator effect .