The Center conducted physiotherapy (physical therapy ) for individual and group technique in various pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system, diseases of the spine , for both adults and children alike . Modern techniques allow for rehabilitative care for patients at different times of the recovery period from the early postoperative .

In the office you will receive a full medical consultation exercise therapy on motor with physiotherapy exercises at home , tips on every day at home, at work and leisure , as well as useful information on visits to places of mass recovery ( gyms , fitness clubs, sports clubs and etc.).

Individual classes are taught by experienced instructors methodologists under medical supervision LFK . The department has 2 halls for physiotherapists and pool for hydrokinesitherapy . Rooms are equipped with modern medical training simulators for the restoration and improvement of movement disorders . Simulators allow individually select training mode , taking into account the specifics of each patient.

List pathologies Sports LFC :

  •  diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system ( brain injury , stroke , traumatic disease brain and spinal cord , as well as their consequences , vegetative state) ;
  •  diseases of the spine ( osteochondrosis, hernia and protrusion of the spine , a condition after surgical removal of spinal hernia , scoliosis , inflammatory diseases of the spine, removal of tumors of the spine) ;
  •  Rehabilitation after spinal injury ;
  •  rehabilitation treatment after the removal of brain tumors , cerebrovascular diseases (aneurysms , the consequences of stroke , Parkinson's disease , DEP , etc.);
  •  rehabilitation treatment after injuries of the peripheral nervous system ( neuritis, traumatic injury );
  •  restorative treatment of patients other profiles (coronary heart disease , rheumatic fever, heart and lung diseases after injuries of the musculoskeletal and articular apparatus );
  •  programs for weight correction and modeling figures ;
  •  health-building program.

For training in physical therapy is necessary to consult a specialist and physician profile LFC . If necessary, you will be assigned additional studies will establish the indications and contraindications , and then will make an appointment to carry out a particular procedure . In the process of rehabilitation doctors offices conduct dynamic monitoring and correction treatment. At the end of the course of treatment you will receive the necessary recommendations .

Our methods

Kinesotherapy - this therapeutic movement aimed at developing and improving the mobility of large and small joints , spinal segments , increasing the elasticity of tendons, muscles , strengthening the muscular system. Our unique methods do not require special conditions and do not take much time. In this therapeutic exercises depending on your condition may be conducted as individual classes and in the form of group exercise .

Hydrocolonotherapy or therapeutic gymnastics in the pool - is carried out only on the individual program -specific effects on the aquatic environment and exercise it . Comfortable temperature in the pool allows the patient to relax as much as possible , get some positive emotions and achieve good results , which is not always possible to achieve during training in gymnastics hall . Regular exercise will significantly improve metabolism, blood circulation , lymph flow , posture, state of the musculoskeletal system , flexibility and overall physical condition .

Physiotherapy - this exercise therapy, which is held on special simulators . Exercises on mehanoapparatah help improve blood and lymph circulation and metabolism in muscles and joints , to restore function. Typically , this method is combined with therapeutic exercises conducted instructor.