UHF-therapy. Electrotherapy method, based on the impact on the patient mainly ultrahigh electromagnetic field. When carrying out the treatment procedure of the body portion exposed UHF placed between two capacitor plates, the electrodes so that the body of the patient between the electrodes and had an air gap, whose value should not be changed during the whole procedure. Physical action is active UHF energy absorption field fabrics and converting it into heat energy, as well as in the development of the oscillatory effect characteristic of high-frequency electromagnetic oscillations. Thermal action of UHF therapy is less pronounced than in inductothermy. Main heat generation occurs in the tissues of poorly-conducting (nerve, bone, etc.). Rate of heat depends on the power and impact energy absorption characteristics tissues. 

UHF anti-inflammatory effect by improving blood and lymph circulation, tissue dehydration and reduce exudation, activates the function of the connective tissue, stimulates cell proliferation, which makes it possible to limit the inflammatory foci of dense connective capsule. UHF accelerates regeneration of nerve tissue, enhances the conductivity of impulses along the nerve fiber, lowers the sensitivity of the nerve terminal receptors, ie promotes analgesia reduces the tone of the capillaries, arterioles, lowers blood pressure. 
UHF-therapy is used in the following indications: 

  •  Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. 
  •  disease of the peripheral nervous system. 
  •  Spinal Cord Injury. 
  •  Inflammatory lung disease. 
  •  Inflammatory, purulent processes of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.