For appointments:
      +7 (7172) 62-11-00



You can have a consultation of neurosurgeons, as well as consultations of heads of specialized departments of the Centre. 

To make an appointment by phone +7 7172 62 11 00, +7 701 062 11 00 (whatsapp only).

Or please contact to managers of the Hospital Management Department if you have any questions:

Department of Hospital Management

Tel: +7 7172 62 11 16, +7 700 270 73 41


    Appointments: 8.00 - 17.00, Monday - Friday.

    Consultations of neurosurgeons are according to the schedule.

    Consultation hours of heads of the departments:

    Dr. Yerzhan Adilbekov - Neurosurgeon, stroke specialist, PhD.

    Monday-Friday 10.00-11.00

    Dr. Nurjan Ryskeldiev - Head of the Department of Brain Neurosurgery, PhD.

    Monday 14.00-16.00

    Dr. Gabit Olenbay - Head of the Department of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

    Friday 15.00-16.00

    Dr. Serik Karibay - Head of the Department of General Neurosurgery.

    Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

    Dr. Alina Mustafayeva - Head of Neurorehabilitation Department.

    Monday-Friday  15.00-16.00

    Consultation hours of neurosurgeons:

Dr. Nurman Chabdarov, general neurosurgery, Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

Dr. Ibragimbek Galiyev, general neurosurgery, Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00  

Dr. Ramil Tankacheyev, spinal neurosurgery, general neurosurgery, Monday-Friday 08.00-12.00

Dr. Almas Kydyrov, general neurosurgery, Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00

Dr. Yermek Urumbayev, spinal neurosurgery, Tuesday 15.00-16.00, Thursday 16.00-17.00

Dr. Victor Aleinokov, spinal neurosurgery, Tuesday 16.00-17.00, Thursday 15.00-17.00

Dr. Nurali Ashirov, brain neurosurgery, CNS, Tuesday 12.00-14.00

Dr. Nurzhan Abishev, spinal neurosurgery, Tuesday and Thursday 09.00-15.00

Dr. Meirzhan Oshayev, spinal neurosurgery, Wednesday and Friday 09.00-15.00

Dr. Aidos Moldabekov, brain neurosurgery, CNS, Thursday 14.00-16.00

Dr. Daniyar Teltayev, brain neurosurgery, CNS, Wednesday 14.00-16.00

Dr. Halit Mustafin, CNS, ENT, Fiday 14.00-16.00

Dr. Muratbek Tleubergenov, brain neurosurgery, CNS, Friday 14.00-16.00

Dr. Nurzat Sygay, Gamma Knife, brain neurosurgery, CNS, Monday 12.00-14.00

Dr. Serik Duysenbayev, vascular and functional neurosurgery, Monday 16.00-17.00, Thursday 09.00-11.00

Dr. Baurzhan Kunakbayev, vascular and functional neurosurgery, Monday 09.00-11.00

Dr. Chingiz Nurimanov, vascular and functional neurosurgery, Tuesday 09.00-12.00

Dr. Marat Kulmirzayev, vascular and functional neurosurgery, Wednesday 09.00-11.00

Dr. Abay Iskanov, pediatric neurosurgery, Tuesday 14.00-16.00

Dr. Sayagul Abdikarimova, pediatric neurosurgery, Thursday 15.00-17.00

Dr. Dmitriy Surdin, pediatric neurosurgery, Wednesday 15.00-17.00